Jeremiah turned three in November. How about a top three list for my favorite three year old?

Three things Jeremiah is good at:
1. Smiling--probably because he gets so much practice, the kid is ALWAYS smiling, practically since he was born!
2. Making people laugh--he is our class clown and will do anything for a laugh!
3. Being a boy--boy noises, trucks, legos, cars, tractors, Lightning McQueen, guns, swords, fighting, he does it all and loves it all!

Three things I love about Jeremiah:
1. His smile, his laugh and his jovial attitude. They are all part of such a sweet package, and things I hope he carries with him his whole life.
2. He pays attention to details. Have you ever met a three year old that reminds you to buckle your seat belt or to grab your purse or not to leave the house without diapers for Ella? He notices the funniest little things.
3. He never complains about dinner, just eats it all up with a happy heart!

Three of Jeremiah's funnies:
1. As we speak he is in his room trying on women's shoes instead of taking a nap.
2. Sometimes he complains of headeggs, translated, that means headache.
3. He calls Papa's hot rod "spicy" instead of shiny.

Three big things in Jeremiah's world this year:
1. He got potty trained...that was big in both our worlds.
2. Daddy made him give up his blue blanket, the boy used to suck on it as he fell asleep, and was VERY attached, but happily traded it for a stuffed dog named Paul.
3. He decided not to be afraid of bugs, this came after a hilarious incident with roly-polys, now he is my fearless, shoe-grabbin', spider-killin' machine when daddy isn't home!

Three prayers I have for Jeremiah:
1. That his heart stays happy, and that it would eventually flow from the joy of having Jesus as his Savior.
2. Sometimes his attention to detail comes from fear, I pray that God would replace that spirit of fear with boldness for the Gospel and bravery based in the security that God provides His children.
3. That he would obey his parents in the Lord, because it is right! That he and his brother and sisters would be the best of friends, especially where Haley-pie is concerned, they have the hardest time getting along between all of them.

Oh that boy and the twinkle in his eye have captured my heart in so many ways, it would take a "Top Three-million List" to name them all, but this is the short version just to give you a glimpse of my dear, sweet boy.

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