Two tutes: wire bird nest, hand sanitizer

Aren't those so cute?! The bird nest tutorial is here, at Just Something I Made. They couldn't be easier, and require minimal materials. Combine that with this tute from Just A Girl, and viola, very easy and practical teacher thank you gifts! We gave ours to the AWANA and Sunday School teachers, and then I kept one for myself. That is a perk of being a home school mama, I get teacher gifts that I know I will like!


jenny said...

Very, very classy!

I've never thought of treating myself to teacher gifts...hmm...what would I like to get this year?

ness said...

Sooo cute! Thanks for posting!

I love my sanizter (maybe too much according to some:) but what a nice way to class it up!

Cathe Holden said...


Thanks so much for linking. We are SO doing this for teacher appreciation week!!! Thanks for the great idea!