Fun stuff to do with kids

  • make up a secret family handshake
  • make silhouettes of eachother
  • do a three legged race
  • make a zoo with all the stuffed animals
  • play veterinarian with all the stuffed animals
  • draw giant mazes on the sidewalk with chalk
  • make homemade play dough
  • write a letter
  • let them vacuum
  • draw, color or paint
  • look at things through binoculars
  • look at things through a magnifying glass


Jenny said...

You have the best ideas. That's because you're the best mom!

Kjersten said...

Great ideas!!!

I already have a copy of the FairTax book. Love it. I give them away as Christmas gifts:)

Michelle said...

love your list! such great ideas

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I always enjoy your lists.

I got those pictures into a collage using the picnik website. Have you tried it?

Mrs. Tracy said...

That's really sweet of you...Ifinally got home and back on-line. Whew! It's funny how addicted I am to the world wide web ;o}

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