Family Friday, on Sunday

Did you know if you go to blogger in draft you can schedule your posts? So last month I scheduled all of my prayer posts and all of the fun stuff lists, it was awesome! But it gave me an excuse not to post anything current, plus our family came to visit for a week, so I was busy taking pictures rather than posting pictures. Needless to say, I am a little behind, and if I don't post some pics soon, I will have some serious explaining to do where the grandmas are concerned!

If you look right below the name George, you can see the brown moth that came out of the Mr. Raindrop's cocoon this week, this was a seriously fun thing to do with the kids, you should all go caterpillar hunting this week!

Who needs to actually feed their kids? Ella is great at finding all kinds of things to eat on her own. Crumbs from breakfast, old sippy cups (the worst), toothpaste...

I am a reader, I desperately want my kids to be readers. Seeing babies enjoying books brings joy to my heart. Reading with my babies, and to my kiddos is the best part of any day.

These are just a few photos from the week. The one of Haley and Jeremiah is a rare moment when they were loving on each other, usually they don't do much of anything together. It is a relationship within our family that is going to take a lot of prayer and a lot of encouraging!

Also, I didn't take any photos of this but the highlight of my week was when my friend Ashley came to my house, and took me to lunch! Not just to lunch, but she took me to the three coolest stores in Houston, a thrift store, a used book store and the home school store. Did I mention that she brought her husband, who watched all 8 of our children while we did this?! Isn't that amazing?! Thanks to Ashley and David, and their servant hearts.

Then on Thursday night we went to Town Hall for Hope, the Dave Ramsey live event. It was awesome as usual. If you didn't go see it check out the link, and send it on to everyone you know, we need to spread the message of hope!

Pray for our family as we are still adjusting to such a huge change in our lives.

Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!


Jenny said...

Can your friend David handle 4 more? I'd love to go homeschool shopping with you. :)

Carrie said...


The toothpaste is HYSTERICAL!!

hahaaaa HAAAA

Anonymous said...

I had to comment about the toothpaste. What is it about the ooey gooey mess that our kiddos love!?

Hope you are doing well. :)