Remember the Alamo?

My cousin was in San Antonio for her daughter's cheerleading competition (they took 2nd place, nationally!! ) So Michael took a much needed day off and we drove to see them. We grabbed our niece Allison along the way, since she is a cheerleader also. Excuse me, it is Pep Squad for her age group, she likes to remind me of that. We met their family at The Alamo, saw some sights, had some lunch and then watched the cheerleaders do their thing at the competition.Tragically Mikey and Haley left those bears at the restaurant where we ate lunch. BIG tears over those bears, "but it was my favorite bear, he was so special to me..." Yesterday there was a different favorite bear, and tomorrow there will be another.
This is my cousin's girl, the cheerleader, can you tell?! They did some pretty cool stuff considering their ages and sizes. As if anyone my age could still do that stuff...
This is her middle boy, and man is he ca-ute. He looked like the prototypical little boy throwing leaves into the fountain to amuse himself. I couldn't resist a photo.
And Ella is sharing her crackers with their baby. We even have the same stroller. He is a couple months younger, but a couple pounds heavier! I would say that chunky babies are the cutest, but I never had one of those, and my babies are the cutest.
We went down to the river walk, and it was very pretty. I expected there to be some shopping but it was ALL restaurants, I have never seen so many restaurants. San Antionians must love to eat.
Here we are outside of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. The kids were laughing so hard, and their giggles were making me giggle, I could hardly snap the picture from laughing.

It was also the anniversary weekend of the battle of the Alamo, so there were loads of people and reinactments every half an hour. LOUD cannons and cool demonstrations. We had a great time.


jenny said...

That little stunt on the fountain...I can totally do that! :)

Carrie said...

Did you look for Pee-Wee's bike in the basement??