Family Friday

Ella Rose is gaining speed, and pretty soon she won't just be taking a few steps, she will be running just like the rest of them! She is finally getting some teeth, which is good because it means there is nothing wrong with her, but so sad at the same time. I will never have another toothless grin around. Big. Heavy. Sigh.

This is our version of a drum, an oatmeal box covered in paper. Aren't my kids lucky? Most moms wouldn't even cover it! Would you believe the educational opportunities you can have with an oatmeal drum? Without it how would I ever teach Jeremiah not to bang his little sister on the head with a wooden spoon? And how would Haley know that "rock stars" have to use their inside voices too? It is the simple things, isn't it?!

Hope your week was as wonderful as ours.

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Jenny said...

You truly are an amazing mom! Your children look so happy.