Fun stuff to do with kids

  • scavenger hunt
  • write letters
  • have a board game marathon or board game tournament
  • play their favorite video game with them
  • chase the ice cream truck (yes, there is an ice cream truck here, even in January)
  • memorize a poem
  • hula hoop
  • let them put make up on you and style your hair, and paint your fingernails (cheap day of pampering?!)
  • give balloons to people
  • learn some magic tricks
  • see who can spin around the longest
  • drink a soda from a long neck bottle and then make music by blowing across the top
  • go for a walk by flipping a coin, every time you come to a cross roads, flip a coin, heads go right, tails go left
  • float a helium balloon to the ceiling and throw things at it, trying to pop it

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