Family Friday..under the wire!

Technically, it is still Friday, so I am not late this week!

On Monday we went with the cousins to a local park. It is called Bear Creek Park, and it is a regular zoo! I met a neighbor at the slides across the street from our house and she told me about it. There are buffalo, emu, goats, pigs, and deer. The buffalo are by far the most impressive, and the kids were amazed at how big they were.This was a fun idea I found somewhere while blogsurfing, the kids colored some signs that said Happy Birthday, and then we emailed the picture to the birthday girl!
These two goats were fighting each other through the fence, it made the kids giggle. Okay, it made me giggle too.

This stuff is delish...mmm...it makes my mouth water! If you have never had it, it is chocolate, hazelnut spread and it makes toast or graham crackers or bagels or English muffins or cupcakes or regular muffins or anything else, into a delightful treat. These little packages, which come with their own spreader, were for the Christmas stocking that never got hung by the chimney with care. I pulled them out of the top secret present stash. The kids were so funny trying to get it out of the container and spread it on their bread, it was hard for them, but I didn't hear a single complaint. By the end of it, they were just licking it out of the little tub!

On Tuesday I noticed Jeremiah had a little scrape on his back, figuring he got it climbing in and out of his bed, I dismissed it. On Wednesday he woke up and the little scrape had become a huge blistery sore, and about 30 more blistery sores were surrounding it!! I kind of freaked out, it looked like one of those spider bites where your flesh starts rotting off. (that was gross, sorry) So my sister-in-law took me to her pediatrician and turns out to be a staph infection. Poor kid, he is on a heavy dose of antibiotics for the next ten days. It isn't pretty, Michael said not to post a picture. (Does it really happen if you don't blog about it?)

In other news, we have a friend from Washington coming to stay with us and work with Michael for a while! I can't tell you how excited I am to see a friendly face...maybe he can just bring all my old homies with him? I am trying to work out the logistics of moving an entire church full of people to Houston...prognosis is not good.

Anyway, I hope your week was as wonderful as ours!


Vintage Mommy said...

Dear Haley,

I miss you. I have a Webkin now. I had a good time with you in AWANA.



Melissa said...

yeah, so let us know when Mikes job needs a Full-time QC. I am really not liking the cold! I need warmth and sunshine!! :) Looks like you guys are settling in well! TTFN