Insert catchy title about shrinky dinks here

Did you know that you can use #6 recyclable plastic to make shrinky dinks with? I combined this post with this post and came up with this...

#6 recyclable plastic is the stuff you get in the deli dept for sandwiches. Or the lid for those disposable baking tins. Pretty common, and cheaper than actual shrinky dink material. It is clear though, not opaque like shrinky dink and that does make a difference in the finished product.

What you need:
#6 recyclable plastic
straight pins
mini flower pot
small square of fabric
350 degree preheated oven
tin foil

I am no sketch artist so I also had to print out some cute little flowers I found through google images to trace onto my plastic.

Trace or sketch your design, color it in and then cut them out. Stick the pins in before you put it in the oven.

I forgot to take a picture of the flowers with the pins before they went in the oven, so this is the other project I did today, guitar pics. Make a little foil tray and place your designs on top, with the sharpie side up. Some of my flowers got messed up in the oven because the color melted onto the foil.

Now stick them in the oven and watch closely through the door. It took less than a minute for my designs to be completed. They shriveled up and got really curly then flattened back out. When it looked like they were done shrinking I took them out. If your design is bigger, it will take longer, you just have to watch it.

Good gift for the guitar player in your life? Stocking stuffer for your favorite seamstress? Fun project to waste some time with the kids.


Jodie Allen said...

great idea! will totally try it!

Carrie said...

And THIS is why you keep getting awards from me!

I had NO idea, but this is going in my bag of tricks! Thanks for sharing!!

Mod Girl said...

How. much. fun! And your pin cushion and pins turn out so cute! When I get my hands on some #6 plastic I'll try this!

Did you color them with permanent ink?

Michelle said...

those are SO cute! I will have to try these out with the girls, I'm sure they will love it!

ness said...

WOW I love this idea. I used to love shrinky dinks as a kid. I just happen to have some #6 plastic on hand:)

Corrine said...

what a great idea, and you are like recycling and saving the environment and having fun at the same time!

aimee said...

I guess I still don't understand exactly what #6 plastic looks like. I can go through my recycle bin checking out the bottom of everything. Is it like the clear plastic containers you buy nuts and choc covered raisins in?

Aisyah Helga said...

Thanks for this great tutorial! I've linked it to my blog to share with my readers. Love all your tutorials,too!