Family Friday

That is silly putty on Jeremiah's forehead. Dad thought it was funny, the kids thought it was hilarious, and I...well, I did too!

This is the best babysitter in the whole wide world. Ms. Chris has been our babysitter for almost 3 years now and has never, not a single time disappointed us in any possible way. She plays with the kids, not just put a movie on and watch with them play, but build forts, bake cakes, kind of play. She remembers their birthdays, she remembers my birthday, mother's day, father's day. Several times we accidentally paid her too much and she brought the cash back to us...amazing...she gives me hope for the next generation. The kids love her. Sadly, Wednesday was the last time she will babysit for us. I cried.

Ella Rosey was dedicated last Sunday at church. We don't do infant baptism, and we usually save the dedication and combine it with a first birthday party. But we wanted Pastor Lee to do it for us so we did it early this time. She was kind of fidgety the whole time, like she was gonna break out into big embarrassing screams any second. Until Pastor Lee took her, then she calmed down and finished it out just fine.


Amber said...

You are so blessed to have such a great babysitter.

Love the silly putty on the forehead!

jen said...

Well, you can pass her on down this way, because we don't have a babysitter. We just wait until relatives come to visit, then we go on dates.

You look waaaaay too cute in that picture. You must shop at Target? Look at those skinny little legs. Nobody would believe that you're a mama of 4!!!

Heather Kate Mattos said...

Totally! At this age you just wanna eat em up! Bummer about your babysitter! We've got a great one too, so I can only imagine how sad you are!

Carrie said...

It looks like he has a witch's nose on his forehead! That's awesome!

My church doesn't do infant baptism either.