Dave says...

As you already know from reading this, we totally drank the Dave Ramsey kool-aid, and are 100% on board with what he teaches. That being said he has an excellent plan in lieu of a $700 billion bailout, using my tax dollars, my children's tax dollars and my grandchildren's tax dollars.

I won't go all political on you, mostly because it takes me a long time to get down from my soapbox once I climb onto it. But enjoy the link anyway.


Carrie said...

The Common Sense of Dave Ramsey??? In Washington??


Mary said...

We are Dave Ramsey fans too, and probably listen to way too much talk radio these days, but his plan does make sense!

I have never been real politically minded either, but I have actually written to my Senator this week!

Vintage Mommy said...

Were you able to give Crystal the message about Friday?

Sorry about canceling. I had surgery on Tuesday and decided last night that I wouldn't be up to company on Friday.