SUBJECT: Notification of Your Confirmed Separation

Your separation has been updated in the Military Personnel Data System effective 12/31/2008.

You must complete the initial separations briefing located on vMPF in the self-service actions under Separations module. It is a very in-depth briefing with required memorandums to complete for your final out-processing interview.

You must complete the pre-separation order worksheet also located on vMPF in the self-service actions under Separations module to initiate your separation orders. Once orders are complete, they will be available on vOP.

You must initiate your DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty in self-service actions under Separations module as soon as possible by NLT 30 days prior to projected departure date. It is your responsibility to ensure all out-processing actions are finalized for your final interview.

If at some point your decision changes and you want to remain in the military your separation must be cancelled. If you applied for an early voluntary separation, you must log onto vMPF and initiate 'Withdrawal my Application'. If you are separating on your DOS you must select 'Cancel DOS Separation' link located under Separations module in the vMPF.

(This is an email we got last week regarding Michael's decision to get out of the military. It was weird to read through it. When we got married, Michael's plan was to put in his 4 years and then get out. At which point we were going to move somewhere and buy a house and stay in one spot the rest of our lives, raise our kids in the same house from birth to whenever they left. Then the AF offered him a re-enlistment bonus that we couldn't pass up so he put in another 4. Then at the end of 8 years we were debating again whether or not he should get out or stay in. We were convinced that if he stayed in, that we would make it a career, because who in their right mind gives up all those retirement benefits after serving for 12 years, only 8 left and the end is in sight! Now we are there, he has almost 12 in, the end is in sight, and we are getting out! This is another "WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT?" moment. And as usual I never would have pictured it this way, but God did!)


Marshall said...

GEES!!! Trying to leave a comment took an act of congress..especially for a computer challenged Mom!!!!

The Keevy Family said...

Wow! I bet you feel good knowing the decision is made. Wishing you all the best, I'll be keeping up with the news!

Jodie Allen said...

i can't imagine what a hard decision that was... what are the new plans?