More technical difficulties and puke

The computer is broken, for sure. And it is my fault. We have two hard-drives and both of them are almost maxed out, so in an effort to free up some space and possibly solve the other problem, the one where the computer randomly shuts itself off, I uninstalled some stuff. Apparently it was important stuff because now we can't connect to the internet.

As for the puke, Jeremiah ate breakfast this morning and then puked all over Haley's bedroom. And then all over the hallway, and then the couch and then his blanket, which was on the floor in his bedroom. Yuck. Poor guy, he is really miserable, and cranky, I would be too. But with all the puke and crankiness I had to get out of the house for a few...and blog...at the quiet library.

So maybe we will get our computer fixed soon and I can get back to my blog and my blog friends, or maybe I will steal a few minutes at the library each day until it is fixed. I might like that idea better, I heart the library. Nerdy.

For my praying friends, please pray for the big job decision. And pray for me, something about not knowing where I am going to live in 71 days is a little unnerving. But I don't want to be unnerved, I want to be steadfast and just know, just trust that there is a big plan and wonderful things waiting for us out there in the civilian world...


Brandy's Adventure said...

Is it retiring time for you guys? Is there a specific place you are looking to go or retire to?
I am sure it will all work out. Sometimes the unknown is so scary, but we have to trust in the Lord. HE knows what HE is doing. (I need to take that advice more often)

Sorry to hear there is sickness going on in your house. That always puts a damper on things. I hope all is well and you get your computer fixed soon. I am trying to get the chance to blog on here soon, but wanted you to know that I do check your blog all the time!

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about Jeremiah. I hate it when the kids are sick. If you remember last year, I was just like you, where are we going to live? Where is he going to work? Will he get a job. It all worked out and even though it was tough, I had all of you to support me! So let me tell you, God knows your plan! (I know you know that) Just remember that it is not easy, but you CAN get through this. I and all your friends and family are there to lean on!

Amy said...

People can preach faith all they want. --AND I KNOW THIS!! LOL but the unknown scares me to death.

Prayers definiting coming your way.-- for your little man too!

Angie said...

I will pray for you! Keep us posted.

Jennie said...

I hope everyone starts to feel better, it is no fun with sick kids....I am a firm beleiver in prayer and that God will set you on his path if you open yourself up to it.. I hopw you computer gets fixed, mine was down earlier this month and I hated it... good luck on everything

Anonymous said...

Instead of symphatizing with your computer problem, I was tempted to just send you my shirt that says: "Yes, I'm your friend, but I won't fix your computer". lol.
When you do bring that computer to the shop, you might wanna mention the "network drivers/network adapters" that usually come installed initially when you buy the computer. Coz I think you might uninstalled these things.

As for your "concern of your future", I've been there. :-)
So trust me, Christian. Or better, trust God. And what's awesome in that, is that we just need to trust in Him. It's that simple.
Please read this blog entry.