Swish and swipe

Clorox wipes are my current favorite household helper right now. I got this tip from Flylady, which I used to frequent. She is all about decluttering your life, although her website is a little cluttery itself. Recently I found Home Sanctuary and am enjoying her Christian perspective and her daily tasks, check it out. There are lots of books to recommend on the whole organizing your life subject, but I really like Sidetracked Home Executives, very easy to read and practical.

Anyway, the tip is to swish and swipe your bathroom every morning. This is where the Clorox wipes come in handy. After you are done in the bathroom for the morning, take a couple wipes and wipe the base of your toilet, your toilet seat and the area behind it, the inside of your sink and your counter tops. This seriously takes about 2 minutes, maybe more the first few times as you are probably cleaning off build-up (at least I was!). But if you don't have an extra two minutes, then you shouldn't be sitting there reading my blog right now!

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The Ballinger Family said...

Too funny....about the extra 2 minutes. I like your sense of humor.
I love the clorox wipes by the way...one of my favs too!