Late for Family Friday

My intention was to post before we left to go camping on Friday, but I didn't make it! So here is last week in pictures!

Mikey is learning to ride his bike without training wheels. It is probably too small for him, so now we know what to get him for Christmas! He is doing a great job and only needs us to hold it while he gets started, and he is a little wobbly with the steering still.

Haley got a bucket stuck on her head, we have no idea how she got it on there. Michael had to get wire cutters and cut the handle in order to take it off her head! Should I really think of these things as Kodak moments?!

Jeremiah really liked the marionberry pie we had for my birthday.

Ella is trying to crawl, she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. She has the knee part figured out and can lunge at things, but she is still working on the hands part of it all.

We got 10 ears of corn out of the garden on Monday and ate them with dinner that night! We finally got some ripe tomatoes. And a few zucchini, no squash. The carrots are still too small to pick.

Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!

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