**Edited to say**
Melissa C. if you are reading this I forgot to mention how much we missed you guys this weekend...A LOT!! Heather B. and the gang were asking all about you, drop her a line sometime!

Each year our church hosts Family Camp at Blueslide Resort in Cusick, WA. This is a six year tradition and I have only missed it once. The first three years Michael was deployed and we made him signs saying we missed him, with each letter held by a different person in our church, then we would send him a picture of us holding them up. We love family camp, and this year, with four kids, we opted for a cabin instead of a tent. It was SO much easier, we will not tent camp again, as long as the kids are little. Maybe when they are old enough to do all the setting up, tearing down, cooking and cleaning, we will try again! Here are a few pics from the weekend! You just might see some familiar faces!

We had all four kids in one room, the three older ones on a queen size bed, and Ella in the closet, in her pack and play. The first night Mikey fell off once, and got himself stuck under the bed, we woke up to him hollering for help! The second night Haley fell off twice and Jeremiah, who was in the middle, fell of once too?!

This is a picture of the border, the mowed down trees all the way up the mountain represent the 49th parallel, and the U.S./Canadian border.

I wanted to post a few more pictures, but it has taken me all morning just to get these, so I think I am going to bag it for now! We had a great weekend and love spending time with our church family. They are the best friends we have in Spokane, it makes me think of how much I will miss them if we decide to move.


The Ballinger Family said...

Looks like great fun! I love camping....yep, even with the tents (my kids are old enough to help.) :o}-that does make a difference.

Brandy's Adventure said...

What great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun. I love camping, yes the tent and sleeping bags, kind of camping. Put me by a fire at night with a hot cup of cocoa anyday!

I know what you mean about your Church family. I don't know what I would do without mine. They are the next best thing to having my family right here in town. It makes my deployments go so much smoother having them for support.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

Great looking family, btw!

Melissa said...

I, no We missed going sooo much!! I miss everyone their!! Looks like you guys all had tons of fun too! We did last year. But this year looks like alot more of ya'll went! We were going to make it our vacation, but with gas, it was just too much!! Maybe I will take a bus to you for the mug exchange :)

Anonymous said...

Just had some time to blog and read others' blogs, and when I saw pictures for this specific entry, it brought up a lot of memories... ^_^
Miss you all!