We had a long week, but hopefully productive for training?! Mikey struggled with bad attitudes ALL week long. Yesterday I was at my wits end, and instead of a "soft answer to turn away wrath" I lost my temper, big time. So I had to do some apologizing, and asking for forgiveness. Mikey is definitely a strong-willed child, one of the ones who is going to go off like a rocket someday, I pray constantly that God will show us how to point him in the right direction for blastoff.

This is Ella's attempt at escaping from the bouncy chair! She learned to roll over from her back to her belly this week!

If you click on the crib picture you can see Jeremiah standing with his foot through the slats, his attempt at climbing out of the crib before I came to get him this morning! And I filled the sink up to keep him occupied while I did dishes, bad idea, he dumped water ALL over the counter, the chair, the floor, EVERYWHERE! You live and you learn!

Haley in Daddy's "soldier hat." I will have to do a whole post about Haley someday, she is quite possibly the sweetest girl on the planet!

She had the idea to build a "fork" (aka fort) this week so we did. When Mikey and Haley were smaller we used to build them a lot, and then sit under them and read books. It was fun to do it again and remember those times.

Hope your week was wonderful!

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