Coin sorting

I have been checking out this blog lately Laugh, Learn, Love. Each Monday they post a theme challenge and then you link your ideas to their post. The whole blog is about playing with your kids. When you check it out make sure to read what Erin and Deneal wrote about themselves in the left-hand sidebar. Can't you relate?

Anyway, this week the theme is currency. So the kids and I did some coin sorting last night. I got our spare change bowl and labeled some jelly jars and they went to town sorting out the coins. It wasn't as easy for them as I thought it would be. But they did have fun.

Some other things might be coin cleaning, I think I will send them outside today with an old toothbrush and a bucket of soapy water and the coins...that will keep them busy for sure!

A good counting game is to roll dice and then they have to count out pennies in the same number as they roll on the dice.

Or roll the dice and stack that number of coins each time until the stack gets tall enough to fall over.

How about making patterns with the coins, or lining them up by sizes?

Check out Laugh, Learn, Love, they have some great ideas!


Erin said...

Hi Christian! Thanks for finding our blog. I must admit I'm a bit of a technophobe (as my personal blog attests to today: www.thewimmerfamily.blogspot.com), so I have asked Deneal how to connect your blog to LaughLearnLove. However, she lives in Fiji, and it's very early morning there right now. So we'll get it set up as soon as she becomes available! I loved your ideas too. It's amazing to think how much a kid would love washing coins with a toothbrush!

Sheila said...

Hi Christian! Thanks for entering my book giveaway!

We aren't speaking in Washington I'm afraid! We do do other ones, but that's not on the list!

I'm sure it will still be a great weekend, though.

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I am new to your blog. So, I wanted to introduce myself. :)
I too am a homeschool mom and enjoy meeting others alike.

Getting ready to order our curriculum for this year. O'joy!- Bring on the deals.

I agree... her site is wonderful.

Deneal said...

Hey there! Glad you enjoy Laugh, Learn, Love. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to see what ideas you shared with us. (I've had family in town and it's been crazy.) You have wonderfully simple, but really fun activities for introducing currency. I love it. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us, and your compliments. Don't be shy round our blog, we can always use more great ideas like yours.

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