Family Friday!

Hello again to my family and friends! We had one of those weeks, that went by really fast, but we didn't do anything super exciting. I love being able to go outside ALL the time and let the kids eat outside, less vacuuming!

We have a fun jar, we pull pieces of paper out of it everyday with some activity for us to do. Yesterday we got "Videotape the kids giving tours of their bedrooms." And so we did! I was going to post them here, but 45 minutes later, the first one still hadn't finished uploading.

So, pictures only this week.

Last night, the kids and I came home from swimming lessons and the door was locked! I was kind of confused, but there was also a note on the door. It said:

Daddy is hiding and you must find him. Read the clues and follow the hints to find him.
Clue #1
I have a clue in my pocket. I am a very important jacket worn to work in. A pet might have seen me worn by my owner, I have red buttons and am greenish blue in color.

This clue led us to a dress-up veteranarian's jacket that the kids have, and that one led us to some hot wheels tracks, and that one led us to the computer printer, and that one led us to Michael, hiding in the backseat of his jeep! The look on the kids faces, especially Mikey, when they found him was terrific!

I know I brag about Michael a lot on here, but really, what an awesome idea. And what a great daddy!

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Melissa said...

That is so cool! Mike is such a great Dad! Did you guys find him yet? :) I see you figured out how to put the pic under your title! I was going to try to explain it to you but had to figure out all the things. Anyway like the pic. dogwood? My pic is a picture I took of some of my flowers months ago.