Chore dice

Wake up, eat breakfast, do chores...it always goes so well until that last step! Really, I have terrific kids, but there are those days, the ones that mama said we would have. Sometimes I can just feel the attitude in the room and I know chores are going to be a struggle and on those days I break out the CHORE DICE! (read with some sort of super hero music playing in your mind.) I found the pattern for the dice on Family Fun, but it says now that the project no longer exists. If you google paper cube pattern, it comes up with about 100,000,000,000 items. (I might be exaggerating on that one.)

Mikey's dice says, clean room, pick up toys around house, family librarian, hug mom, get candy, and mom does one chore. Haley's dice is just the same except she has to pick up after the babies instead of the librarian job. You can guess which ones are their favorite!

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