My husband has had a BIG year! He was TDY (which means temporarily stationed away from home) in Detroit for most of the winter, Detroit in January is not anyone's idea of fun. In February he went to the SUPERBOWL FOR FREE! And he tested for his next rank, we will know the results at the end of this month. In March he became a daddy for the fourth time, he left again for most of April and May, this time for Colorado Springs and the NCO Academy. This weekend he is graduating with his bachelor's degree, and it is Father's Day!

I have to say congratulations to him on such a big accomplishment. Not only is he getting his bachelor's degree, but he is graduating with honors! He didn't even want to walk, but I convinced him it was good for the kids to see it. And he agreed as long as I wouldn't make a huge fuss over it. So, being the good, obedient, Christian wife that I am, I am throwing him a bbq party! I only invited about 60 of our closest friends and family, no fuss.

And I have to say thank you to him for being the best dad/husband a family could ever hope for. We can't even keep the man in a decent pair of jeans, they all have holes in the knees from playing on the floor with the kids so much! He is very thoughtful, considering and even anticipating my needs (not easy for any man!). Putting us ahead of himself all the time, and seemingly enjoys it!

Kudos to you Michael! We love you!


Melanie said...

Hi friend! What a peach of a wife you are. Someday I hope to be as virtuous as you! :)
By the way...you are definitely welcome to link my blog.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Graduating with honors, huh? So who is the geek now? ^_^
Please extend my congratulation to him, and indeed, kudos for him!

Also, you can link my blog from yours, Christian, and I was hoping, likewise, I can link yours from mine.

Have a great one. Hopefully someday (soon) I can see the full lil' entourage of Stordahls. God bless you all.