As I sit here to write this funny little memory down, I realize that half of the memory is already gone. Hmmm, we were near water (but I don't know where or why), and Mikey found this little clam. He shoved it into his pocket deciding to cook it up as a snack when we returned home. And that is exactly what he did, topping it off with a little salt and butter, he dug it out with a fork and chewed and chewed and chewed and chewed, made a wretched face and swallowed it down! Sometimes the kids and their ideas crack me up, sometimes they drive me crazy and sometimes they make me thoughtful. I try to indulge their ideas as often as possible, but when they are talking about building forts as big as our house into trees the size of our van it is hard to explain the logistics of it all without feeling like I am squelching their hopes and dreams. And so lately I have realized to just let them talk about it, go for it, and figure out for themselves if it is practical or not. It never gets as far as I am afraid it will, the bigger their imaginations, the bigger my fears! And they are never as heart-broken as I think they will be when their plans don't come to fruition, surprisingly, they just roll with it. Now, if I can just train them to clean up all the messes they make along the way...that's the hard part!

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Sarahendipity said...

Thank you for the reminder! I always and fearful of squashing their dreams. When you know how to help them clean up their messes, let me know! I am struggling with that one too! ☺