It piqued my Pinterest...

When I told this one to my lady friends, they all said it was "old news," they had "known it for years," and worse yet that it was "easier just to flip the edge of the tape under!" Some people just don't appreciate a good idea!Raspberries stuffed with chocolate chips
The original pin had them stuffed with white chocolate chips too, but I ate all those straight out of the bag and didn't have any left. It would have been good though!Root beer float popsicles
(this is not my photo)
Root beer floats are one of my favorite desserts, so these popsicles hit the spot this summer. Anything made with sweetened condensed milk has got to be good, right?!
Globe pedestal bowl
(a different one here)
We had a globe, for about 3 months, and then Simon got it, then we had a broken globe. I didn't want to part with it because I thought we could fix it somehow. But I was wrong. So I saw this on Pinterest and copied it. I liked it better as a real globe, it was a big part of homeschool geography! But this'll do! And with the other half I want to do this...
Globe clock!
(this is not my photo)
Thanks to Sarahendipity, for passing on the link via Pinterest! She thought I would like it and she was right!

If you aren't on Pinterest yet, you should be! I'll send you an invitation if you want one!

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Sarahendipity said...

Yay! I am soo glad you loved it! Thanks for talking me into Pinterest...I am absolutely loving it, probably a little too much. ;) I have to say that I personally loved the 'bread clippy thing' idea and actually started saving them.