Project and sewing tip

Idea from: Infarrantly Creative, tutorial here.
Who got the idea from: The Idea Room

My added tip: Use a little glue stick to secure the ribbon before you sew it on, it saves you from having to pin it. You can also use glue stick instead of pins for hemming pants and any number of other things, try it sometime! The idea was passed on to me in a sewing class.

And one more thought, the metal clips were found in the section with all the purse handles at Joann, not in the notions dept.

It was so easy to do that I sat down and made all of these at once.


Amanda said...

and I LOVE mine. Still. Everyday. Do you know how much less time I spend hunting in my purse for my keys? Enough time to....lesson plan. ;)

Sarahendipity said...

These are wonderful, friend! ☺ I might have to make some too! Yay!