He's been published!

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So, Mikey is EIGHT now. I pretty much freaked out when he turned FIVE...now he is EIGHT! I never believed grown-ups when they said that time went faster as you got older, but now I do.

He had a pretty big birthday month, which included...
  • Getting his sketch published in our very favorite science magazine called Nature Friend. (sometimes Nature Friend is our science curriculum, excellent magazine.)
  • Being part of the first place team at AWANA Games in Yakima!! Wahoo, GO SPARKS!!

  • Designing and helping dad to build "The Viper" which took 3rd place for speed out of 50 cars at the AWANA Grand Prix in Richland WA. And 1st place for speed in the AWANA Grand Prix in Spokane WA.
I just keep thinking about how God planned all these fun events for Mikey ahead of time. That He has a plan for my little man that is so much bigger than all I can ask or imagine (although I do try to imagine it), and that all these little things are adding up to lessons learned and a heart molded to (hopefully, prayerfully) be thoroughly equipped for every good work that God has prepared in advance for him to do.

Today Mikey prayed for me, I was going to lose it with Ella and he walked up, held my hand and said "Mom, don't lose your temper, let me pray." I almost started bawling, and I would have if I weren't so angry at that moment. But God listened to that little prayer and gave me peace beyond understanding, and enough patience for the moment. That prayer was one of the good works God prepared in advance for him to do.

Right now he is putting some U.S. Presidents flashcards in order. He asked if he could do it, because it would be a good thing to do for school. I can tell you for certain that I NEVER, EVER, asked or even wanted to do something because it was good for my education. And again I am reassured that God is working all things together for his good, that He has a plan and that He is working it out for my dear, sweet boy.


Melissa said...

Loved it! You made me bawl :) Thank you! God used your post to speak to me today!

Jenny said...

I loved reading this! Save him for one of my girls, please.

The Keevy Family said...

How fun! Our kids are in Awana as well and they did the cars for the first time this year. What fun! I can't believe he is eight! I didn't realize how close in age he was to Faye. She is almost 9.
Thanks for that link you left on my blog post. I am so excited to try that!


Amy said...

Happy birthday to you, Mikey!

What a sweet little heart that boy has!