Ella turned 3 this month. For birthday dinner she chose roasted chicken and salad, for dessert she chose ice cream sundaes.

We are in the thick of it with potty training right now. Which means it might not be the best time to write a loving, adoring, special birthday post. I can't even say we are in the thick of it because quite honestly I don't know where we are in the process. I do know that we are on week #5, and none of the other kids took more than two weeks. I also know that we are on potty chart #4, and never needed more than one potty chart with the others. I almost gave up in week #2 but my good friend prayed for me to persevere...see where that got us?! Anyway, here we are, week #5, persevering, but just barely.

If you read the Christmas letter you already know that we call her "soggy face," due to the constant flow of tears on her cheeks. Believe it or not, her face is dry more often than it is wet lately, and that is progress!

She likes to do whatever the older kids are doing, she likes to jump on the trampoline, she likes to color, she does not like going potty like a big girl.

She likes to go to "classcal conbersations," she likes to eat just about everything, she likes to read books, she does not like it if I get too far ahead of her on a walk.

She likes to listen to stories in the car, she likes to listen to music, she likes the ABC's, she does not like sitting still.

She likes to give hugs, she likes to give kisses, she likes to receive them both, she does not like being told no.

She likes Grammy, she likes her brothers and sister, she likes Simon, she does not like doing her ONE chore.

I love Ella from the top of her head to the tip of her toes and everywhere in between, I love her hugs, I love her kisses, I do not love potty training.


Amanda said...

That was a HILARIOUS post. I like you and I like Ella, and I like the idea I just read....a friend hangs a bell for kiddos to ring after they make it to the potty on time and do their work well. I LOVE that, I hope maybe it will be a new trick?

Happy Birthday Ella!

The Momma Chronicles said...

Your post had me chuckling right out loud. Sweet sweet Ella.