Challenge #2 from the Outdoor Hour is to use your words. Go exploring and then write down one word describing something you heard, two words for something you saw and three words for something you heard.

Mikey said:

Yellow pollen
Silky, yellow pollen

Haley said:
Blue dragonflies
Droopy tree leaves
Jeremiah said:

Parrot birds
ummm...don't know

(After some leading questions)
Jeremiah said:

Hairy flowers
Tall, itchy grass

Mom said:
(mine is from a walk I took alone)
God's promise
still, cool air

We also stopped to watch some GIANT ants, that were half red and half black. We saw an orb spider and its web and lots of wild grapes. We were tempted to eat some grapes but I was thinking about all of the possible bodily fluids that could result from eating something unfamiliar...gross, I know, sorry, but I was a little paranoid.

The "piez de reistance" was an Osprey. We didn't see it until we were in the van and leaving Chamna, it made its nest on top of an industrial something-or-other that is by the river. We didn't even know what we were looking at until we got home and looked it up in the bird book, (which we had forgotten, along with our water bottles, big mistake!). But when we figured it out, we were all pretty excited!

I like this nature study stuff.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

What a great post! I love your words....from each of you. The osprey is awesome....what a great nature study time you had.

Thank you so much for sharing your link and I look very much forward to your next post.


Sarahendipity said...

I want to go! Sounds like an awesome time! My favorite is what Jeremiah said...he is such a cutie! ☺