Hood River

Did you know we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month? I probably told you, a million times already, but we had an incredible weekend away with no kids! We left them with Grammy and Papa. I felt a little guilty for not feeling more guilt about leaving them, but it isn't much of a transition for the kids to stay at their house...we did live there for a year after all!

The kids were glad to stay behind, but were afraid for their favorite animals to be left home alone all weekend...what if they got lonely? So we packed them up in our suitcases and promised to keep them company! Stuffed animals are much better long-trip-car-riders than four children. Pooh bear and Lamby got the royal treatment at our B&B. And they enjoyed the view in Hood River. Everywhere in Hood River has a great view.We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast called The Villa Columbia, a beautiful house just a few blocks from all the happenings in Hood River. It was yellow, my favorite color for houses, had flower baskets everywhere, old furniture and built-in benches, and shelves, and window seats, all original to the 100 year-old home. The best part was that every morning at breakfast we got to look out of a HUGE picture window and watch the bluebirds hunt for their vittles.Michael and I walked up and down the streets shopping and looking at all the lovely houses and flowers. It was a slow-paced walking, quiet talking, grown-up hand holding kind of a weekend.
We did go for a mini-hike one afternoon, it was very mini. I kind of didn't read the directions right and so we ended up in the wrong place. It was fine, we could see Mount Hood in one direction and Mount Adams in the other direction, both clear as day. Beautiful.We also went to a pick-your own berry, or flowers, or pears or peaches place called The Gorge White House. The house is on the Historic Registry and has been fully restored. We had a little wine-tasting, not my favorite. We wanted to pick some fruit, but everything was picked out, and the pears weren't ready yet. I did fall in love with some white lillies and told Michael how romantic it would be if he would let me take some home since they were the flowers at our wedding. He didn't get it, but he let me pick some anyway!Lest you think we were just lazy all weekend long, I will leave you with one more photo. This could very well have been the last photo we ever took together, as Michael dragged me onto a white-water rafting trip. I was convinced it was the end, really I was, I am not the adventurous type, never have been. At least not stomach-dropping, soaking wet kind of adventure. Just one picture though, because the trip itself deserves a post of its own...soon.


Jenny said...

This post makes me so happy, Christian! I love to see people happily married. I read a great quote in a book once: "A woman should be more beautiful on her 10th anniversary than on her wedding day because of how well her husband has cherished her." I know I didn't see you on your wedding day, but I can tell that you've been cherished.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Happy Anniversary! You won my iPhone app of my Scripture Signs! Email me and I'll send you a code to download it for free! Also, yes, my art can be ordered in any size. www.jeannewinters.etsy.com Let me know what size you're interested in and I'll give you the info!