What's in my bag?

This "What's in your bag?" post from Photojojo has been in my inbox since April. I immediately thought about what a great blog post that would make, and decided I would do it! But since I have put off blogging, for a really long time, Love Stitched beat me to it! I wonder if she gets Photojojo emails too, or if her good ideas just come to her naturally? Hmmm.

1. Diapers and wipes, haven't left home without them for seven years! Well, I have left home without them, and I always regret it.
2. Glasses, because you don't want me driving on the road at night without them.
3. Scratch paper with the dimensions and cost analysis (which really means scribbles I made while at Home Depot.) of the shelves I'd like built for the den.
4. Shopko ad for 99-cent watercolors, that is a good deal, and I need 24 of them for CC.
5. Pepto Bismol tablets, had a puking kid last week.
6. Empty Snickers wrapper...you didn't expect there to be an actual candy bar left did you?
7. Two Tootsie Pop wrappers with FULL indian and star, which means we get to trade them in for two more Tootsie Pops!
8. Three pens
9. Spare van key, which has come in handy more times than I care to admit.
10. Club and discount cards to every store I shop at...geez.
11. NO CREDIT CARDS!! Thank you Lord and Dave Ramsey!
12. Two favorite lip glosses, both of which are almost empty, sigh.
13. Check that needs depositing
14. Debit cards
15. Stamps
16. Grocery and gas envelopes with the budgeted cash for each category...just call me NERD, and I am okay with that.
17. What is left of my fun money...$5.
18. Checkbook
19. Pile of change accumulated from paying cash for stuff. It comes in handy when we pay the kids their commissions for doing chores.

What's in your bag? If you do a similar post, leave it in the comments so I can go check it out!


Nancy in Katy said...

My purse had a flashlight, phone charger, rental car info, flight itinerary, and map of Sacramento, California. No diapers for several years now, and no Snickers bars either.... but then again, I don't leave the evidence in my purse! LOL

ness said...

what a fun idea! my purse is pretty empty, so it would be a boring post-i would have to wait til it gets messy again:)