We woke up one day last week and it was cold outside, 65ish degrees! 65ish is not cold if it is February, but this is August, hot-dog days of summer, not February. I had to break out the winter-time breakfast menu to warm us up...in August!

This is a super easy, VERY inexpensive breakfast that we have often during the fall and winter months. If we have rice for dinner, I like to double the amount I cook and save it for breakfast the next morning. We warm it up, slice up some fruit and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar and drown it with milk. The kids love sliced bananas best. We have also used peaches, strawberries, apples, and raisins, they are all good. Last week was the first time for blueberries. As usual it was delicious, even in August.


Tracy said...

I love blueberries---You can keep the rice tho ;o)

The summer here has HOT! Today was actually low 90's and there was a breeze! It was great!

Amy said...

We'll have to try that this fall.