Birthday post

Is she really two years old? When did that happen? It must have happened when I wasn't looking, because it came as a surprise to me! Ella gets to be a baby longer than the other three kiddos did. They all had a real baby coming up behind them by the time they were two.

Ella talks quite a bit for her age and pretty clearly, I don't have to translate for her. She sings herself to sleep at night, usually at the top of her lungs. She got some new shoes for her birthday and for a while she called them her "Happy Birthday Shoes" now she just calls all shoes "Happy Birthdays." I don't have the heart to correct her...that would mean she is growing up, and we can't have that.

She won't stay out of the bathroom, although we did cure her of the messy toothpaste habit. She wont stay in her bed. She looks cute when she is in footie pajamas and when she stuffs her hands in her pockets. She does not look cute when she is throwing a temper tantrum.

Papa Stordahl calls her "soggy face" because she often has tears streaming down her cheeks. Papa Schultz says she looks like a stinker...he would be correct!

Yes, she's really two.


LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

This is such a sweet, precious time for a mom. They are so cute, still your baby, but yet so obviously not a baby any more. Thanks for sharing about this delightful shield of your. Enjoy her. My baby is now in her first year of college. :)

photographybyASHLEY said...

NO WAY!!! She cannot be 2!!! That is WAY too big! She is just precious as always!!!

I love your hair...it is soooo long! You look amazing! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!