Joseph's coat

We are headed into the life of Joseph during our studies for the next few weeks, and we started off by making some coats with many colors for our favorite babies and animals! The idea was an adaptation of this VBS craft the kids came home with 2 years ago and this 18" doll clothes idea. Mikey and Jeremiah both chose animals with tails and so we had to do a few alterations to make the coats fit!

What you need:
Paper bag
markers or crayons

Project rating:
supplies: on hand
execution:very easy
mess factor: few scraps of paper bags
fun factor: kids enjoyed it, took a good amount of time for them to get their vests just the way they wanted them.


Amy said...

We just watched the movie (disney??). It brought up some great discussion amoungst our kids. This would be a great craft to do! Thanks for the idea!

We'll have to get together soon!

Nancy B misses you in Katy, Texas said...

Great idea to do it for dolls or stuffed critters. Kids under 7 or so can usually fit in a paper grocery sack if you want to make one for them. Can be messier if you choose to glue fabric or construction papers, or using paint (let it DRY b4 letting the kids put on!! learned by mistake!! LOL) and less messy using color dots and colored sticky tags or stickers.

Queen of the house! said...

You are the BEST mommy ever!!! I need you back here to inspire me to be a great Mommy!!!

Infarrantly Creative said...

Hey you! Thanks for stopping by I haven't seen your sweet face in a while. Have you adjusted to life in WA?