• organize a neighborhood toy auction
  • volunteer at the zoo, local animal shelter, old folks home, soup kitchen
  • order a pizza, try a combination of toppings you have never eaten before
  • make root beer floats
  • memorize the presidents
  • memorize the states and their capitals
  • do some worksheets in preparation for a new school year
  • have your kiddos call the extended family to make a list of their birth dates, use it to send them bday wishes throughout the year
  • move across the country, it will keep your whole family occupied for at least a month when all is said and done
  • do show and tell after dinner, let the kids choose the item in the morning or afternoon so they anticipate it all day long


Kjersten said...

I love your fun stuff lists!!! Are you back in WA? Hope your move went well! Maybe we will get to meet next time I am up there visiting Angie & Ness:)

Veronica said...

Tuty, where are you now? How did the trip go and Michael's interview? You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.. Now, how about some pics from Florida and if possible include 1 of your mom!
Take care!!! Roni

Tracy said...

When Ethan was younger he loved to do puppet shows...he would put on a big one forthe whole family every night before bed. It was so cute!