Two-tutes: Braided headband with ties

I have wanted to make one of these headbands from Heather Bailey's free stuff for awhile. Then I saw this cute this 5-minute headband from Lu Bird Baby and knew they would make a great combo!

What you need:
--scrap fabric, this is a very forgiving kind of thing, if your fabric is long then you need less elastic, if your fabric is short, you will need more elastic
--sewing machine

What you do:
--Read both tutorials first.

--Complete step 1 on Lu Bird Baby's tutorial, which is cutting strips, instead of attaching elastic, just braid your strips together and then skip the rest. Do not do anything with the elastic right now.

--Skip steps 1-3 of Heather Bailey's headband pattern.

--Complete step 4 of HB's pattern.

--In step 5, instead of inserting anything into the band, you are going to insert the braided fabric into the ties. Also insert your elastic in the same way, at the same time. You can see in the photo below how the braided portion and the elastic go down into the tie. Fold the elastic over the top of the tie and sew it all into place.

Complete steps 6-8 of HB's tutorial, which is fitting the elastic and tying it up, and you have a super cute, braided headband with ties!

Project Rating:
--Supplies--Needed to buy elastic, got 2 yards of 1/2 elastic at Joann for less than $1
--Execution--Easy, peasy, rice and cheesy
--Fun factor--It was fun because I had an opportunity to craft something!
--Mess factor--Just scraps of fabric to throw away (unusable of course!)
--Side notes/learned by experience--
my fabric was a little stretchy and I didn't take that into
account when I measured the elastic. Now the elastic is too long.

Other fun headband tutorials:
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One with feathers from Melissa (also going on my list!!)
Wide reversible fabric ones from The Long Thread
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