Fun stuff to do with kids

  • play store
  • play restaurant at breakfast, lunch or dinner complete with menus
  • give everyone crazy hairstyles
  • have a carpet picnic
  • have breakfast for dinner
  • dress up fancy for dinner at home
  • take bubble baths
  • go get drinks at Starbucks
  • go order some fries to share and play in the playplace at Chick-fil-a, or McDonalds with those who are unfortunate enough not to have a Chick-fil-a
  • take a nap in the grass, or under the trampoline, or if you live in the south, you better take a nap on the trampoline or you will get eaten alive by the ants. On second thought, this is for my northern friends only. If my southern friends tried to take a nap on the trampoline, they would fry like eggs.

1 comment:

ness said...

What great ideas!I LOVE the.."go to starbucks and get drinks" idea. In fact I may have to do that today-twist my arm why don't ya!:)