• Find a store that sells products made in your state and learn about some local industry
  • Go fishing
  • Lots of theaters have free summer movies, check out your local theater
  • Give your kids a dollar each and take them to some yard sales
  • Invite the grandparents over for dinner or out for a picnic
  • Do a "Secret Summer Santa" where your kids secretly make little surprises or do sweet things for a secretly chosen sibling/parent, then reveal after a week...might cut down on the summer arguing.
  • Go to an empty parking lot and have bike races, public school parking lots are empty right now.
  • Play a board game that you haven't drug out of the closet for a long time
  • Play hide-and-seek
  • Watch a movie or read a book and then write a review, this would be good to brush up on some language arts skills/parts of a story/critical thinking this summer


ness said...

Once again, great ideas!

Mrs. Tracy said...

That was so sweet of you to ask if my parents need anything...As far as I know they are fine. Just a lot of prayer. They are staying at 5445 Nob Hill Apartments in Braesvalley...I have no idea where that is ;o} They are Jerry & Barbara Newsome...incase you happen to live close and run into them ;o}~
I know Houston is HUGE!...so you probably won't, but thanks again for asking.