Things I learned this week.

  • If Mikey had a list of his favorite friends that are girls, Haley would be at the top of it! (just about melted when I heard him say that...)
  • If you run out of baby wipes, toilet paper is not a good substitute, wet toilet paper is even worse.
  • When little bitty boys decide to be brave, they don't always tell you about it first. So the first time Jeremiah jumped into the pool by himself, was really BY HIMSELF, no grown up to catch him. So Haley grabbed her floaty, jumped in after him and tried to pull him to the side...all on her own accord. I was not far behind her and was up to my chest in the pool, clothes and all, fishing out my purple-mouthed little man. (Just FYI, I was only a few feet from the pool, but I never expected him to do something so...brave...he is my little fraidy-cat!)
  • Earth shattering news doesn't have to be earth shattering news, if the Lord is your rock.
  • Movie theaters shouldn't show sexy, scary, rated R previews in movies like Kung Fu Panda, especially when they have invited the general public and their CHILDREN to come in and watch it for free.
  • If you are potty-training and your son has an accident in his bed, you have to pull the sheets off, and if you get distracted before you get the new ones on....DON'T let him sleep in your bed at nap time. He will pee in your bed too.
Very sorry for the lack of photos of the kids lately, I just haven't been taking any. I will try to get back on track, before the grandma's start complaining! Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!


ness said...

pretty good life lessons!

jenny said...


I remember taking the kids to the Garland theater here in Spokane to see the Veggie Tales movie last year during spring break. It was a free show as well...I couldn't BELIEVE the previews they showed!!!