Fun stuff to do with kids

  • fingerpaint with shaving cream
  • collect sticks and mud and build a bird nest
  • write newspaper articles for a pretend newspaper (or for the family newsletter if you tried that one)
  • let them vacuum the window blinds
  • let them wash windows and mirrors
  • clean out the garage in preparation for a yard sale, let them price their own items and keep the money they earn
  • create a design box (copper wire, string, odds-and-ends destined for the garbage, pom-poms, thread, yarn, etc.)
  • make family t-shirts, there are about a million different ways to do this
  • build a house out of plastic cups
  • eat popsicles

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Mrs. Dunbar said...

I love your fun stuff to do with kids posts. I think I am going to choose one or two each time you post and implement them that week.

I am trying to email that gift cd I promised you (like over a month ago) and I don't have your correct email address. Can you reply email to me?? Thanks!
I hope you like it.