Family Friday-ish

Yes that is me, with an H2! And I even got to drive it all weekend! At the beginning of June I took a very quick trip to Colorado for a girlfriend's wedding. Holly and I have known each other since the 5th grade, almost 20 years ago! I was so glad to be able to see her get married!

The line at the airport at 5:30 AM was very short, and I got to the counter, with my ID ready to go. The gentleman then informed me that I had no reservation...um...what?! I explained that I booked it online, and so he checked again...and there I was! Except I was booked on the 7 PM flight instead of the 7 AM flight that I thought I was on! I felt like such an idiot! So I was 12 hours early for my flight. Except the wedding started at 5p...bummer. Fortunately they worked it out for me and I got on another airline, just a little later than planned.

When I finally arrived in Denver, I shuttled my way to the rental car company. The lady and I had a lovely conversation, at the end of which she prayed for me and my family...right there at the counter...isn't that amazing? So I went outside to wait for my car, which was supposed to be the smallest, cheapest thing I could find on the Internet, and turns out she had upgraded me to the Hummer, and given me a discount so it cost less than what I originally planned! (Which is good because I had to shell out some extra dough for the mistake I made while booking my flight!) Is that awesome or what? I felt so cool all weekend long, driving around in that thing!

This is the beautiful bride and her groom. She planned a great wedding, everything was beautiful, the food was delicious, the favors were cute. Holly was gorgeous, one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen!

This is Holly's family. Her grandmother has always been so little, and now that I am over 5 feet tall (5th grade was a long time ago!) she seems even littler, but as sweet as ever. Uncle Pete is blind, but it doesn't stop him from much! He has been a farmer as long as I have known them, can you imagine that, it takes some guts and stamina, neither of which he lacks. And Pat, Holly's mom. I am not sure she will ever know what an important role she played in my life. She used to come pick me up every Sunday morning and take me to church, after church she took us to the corner store and let each of us girls choose a soda and a candy bar. (I always chose RC Cola and a SKOR.) And then again every Wednesday night she would come and take me to Confirmation Classes. It was after those confirmation classes that I accepted Jesus as my Savior and became a Christian. Granted, I had a few rough years after that, and my walk didn't match my talk for another eight years, but I never forgot what I learned there. I never forgot how faithful Pat was, or how generous she was. God is faithful, God is generous, and I learned that from her example. Praise God for the friends he has given me along the way!

Here is a quick snapshot of Holly and I. 20 years later, and she still calls me on my birthday every year.

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jenny said...

For some reason, I missed this post! What a great trip. I love how God worked out the whole rental car incident. You look great with that car. :)