Two tutes: cereal box mini-notepad

Check out The Long Thread every Monday for her Make-it Monday feature. A while back it was cereal box journals.

Add cereal box journals to Plumpudding's stitched paper pocket booklets, and you have these little beauties, perfect for the kids to play with, or to throw in the diaper bag. Or to give to a niece who is obsessed with writing and sketching.

And just because I can hear the words from Almonzo's mother in Farmer Boy running through my head..."Waste is sin." Here are some bookmarks using the leftovers, also from Plumpudding.

Turn your cereal boxes into:
A Scrapbook
A clock
A wallet
Flipflops and Applesauce (no, don't turn your cereal boxes into flipflops or applesauce, but go see what she has done with some cereal boxes)

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