Prayers for my family

Title: What Shall I Do?
Author: Elisabeth Elliot
It is not always possible to know whether the source of an idea or deed is God or Satan, since God sometimes covers Himself in cloud and Satan is often an angel of light. It is, however, always possible to trust the Shepherd who has promised to lead us in paths of righteousness. We must do the thing that appears to be right to do at the right time and do it by faith. That is, we do it with an honest desire to obey God and a willingness to have what He wills us to have, or not to have what He does not will us to have. If it were not for uncertainties, we would have no need to walk by faith.
Show me the way that I must take;
to Thee I offer all my heart.
Teach me to do thy will for thou art my God.
Keep me safe, O Lord, for the honor of thy name.
--(Ps 143:8,10,11 NEB)

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jenny said...

You know how much I love Elisabeth Elliot! One of my favorite quotes of hers is, "Do the next thing." That's what I have to tell myself day in and day out. It's what the Lord has given me for THAT very moment...nothing else.

When I first heard of Phil's accident, I wasn't sure if he was dead or alive, seriously injured or going to be o.k. I told myself over and over, "Do the next thing." That's all the Lord expected me to do at that moment. So I changed a couple of diapers, nursed a baby, etc. Then I found out he was o.k. The peace that flooded my heart and mind during that time of waiting was incredible! Thanks be to God!!!