Family Friday!

Haley has proven herself over and over to be a sparkle-lovin,' pink-wearin,' princess of a girl. And her latest obsession just confirms it all the more. She loves to spend her money on flowers, flowers to decorate her room, flowers to give when we go to people's houses, flowers for me for mother's day, flowers for everyone in their favorite color. It is soooo sweet, I just love it.

We are going on week two of potty training and...it is going great!! After a relative few accidents the first week, and LOTS of reminders to go sit on the potty, it finally clicked for him yesterday! He told me all day when he needed to go, and not a single accident. We still do diapers at night, and when we go out and about, but here's to progress!! It will be nice for me and my pocketbook to only have one in diapers! Anyway, he clearly did not want me to take his picture, but was fine with it afterward when he was getting his candy for going on the potty!

And my adorable Ella. Every time I look at her I can't help but think how much I have to treasure these toddler days with her. She is growing and changing and learning so quickly. She is saying lots of words now. Mama, Dada, uh-oh, night-night, please, thank-you, doe-doe (dog), and she barks like a dog, no-no. And she is into EVERYTHING. Every time I turn around she has pulled clothes out of drawers, toiletries out of cabinets, Tupperware out of the kitchen, crayons off the shelf, recipe boxes out of the pantry, papers, stickers, DVDs, the keyboard, the list goes on...

And Mikey, I didn't take any pictures of him this week. His shining moment for the week was when he was playing outside and decided he didn't want to come inside to go potty, so he peed on Jeremiah! I can't even pretend to know what was going on in his brain, but he did suffer some serious consequences...can you believe it?!

We are gearing up for a THREE DAY WEEKEND!! I can hardly wait to have Michael home for more than 2 hours in the evening and plan on doing just about nothing except enjoying some family time!

Hope your week was wonderful, and enjoy your weekend!


ness said...

What kind of editing software are you using for your pictures? Picasa? I love the font you use to write with-very cute!

Anonymous said...

Here is a fun activity for Haley Pie. I read that she likes flowers now-a-days. Me too! Have you ever died flowers with food coloring? Just buy white flowers. Roses, carnations, or daisies work well, then you put them in water with food coloring in it. The flowers soaks up the water and the food coloring stains the petals red, green, blue and yellow. Only use one color per vase. Try it next time Haley is in the mood to buy flowers.

Gerald said...

disgruntled face on the potty-training-accident... the sad-cow-disease face...
-who would've thought- I would enjoy reading and seeing your toddlers grow? :)