Good news and bad news

The bad news first, I was hoping that if I left it open longer than originally planned, that more people would enter the giveaway for the FairTax book. I hope this isn't a commentary on how little people care about our country, and just a commentary on how many (or few!) people read my blog!

The good news, since there were only three of you, I am going to send all of you a copy! I only have one in my hot little hands and will send it to the first commenter, the others will have to wait while I find time to go to the bookstore and then find time to go to the post office, so it might be a couple of weeks, but I will get them to you. Maybe I will just get them from amazon.com and ship them directly...sounds like a plan!

So congrats to all of you! Enjoy the book and do what you can to make it a reality!


Ben and Sarah said...

Must have missed the entry post. Sorry = we try to read faithfully!

Jenny said...

I must have missed this post when we were in California for Spring Break! :(