Fun stuff to do with kids

  • check out movies from the library for a movie marathon
  • write reviews of some of those movies
  • have everyone help put together a family newsletter
  • plan an imaginary trip to any country you want to go to
  • find a pen pal in that country
  • if you are right handed do everything with your left for a day, or vice versa
  • balance things in the palm of your hand
  • google cornstarch fingerprints and then follow the directions on one of the sites
  • press flowers
  • play knuckleheads by drawing faces on the side of your hands
  • play with play dough


jenny said...

A family newsletter sounds like fun! I think I'll do that tomorrow. Don't be surprised if you find Hailey's name in the nuptials. :)

Anonymous said...

all of you should take that (imaginary) trip to Jakarta, and meet me here.


You just did. Thanks.



ness said...

Hey Christian-

I use Picasa to put photos on my blog. There is a collage button on the bottom on the screen and it does it for you-isn't it neat!?!

Carrie said...

Knuckleheads! haha We used to do that ALL the time!

Mr. Chinigan is another one that kept us occupied for HOURS! You lay on your back and your chin becomes your nose. You can draw eyes on your neck or put sunglasses on. Then you cover up the rest of your face with a blanket.

I remember laughing hysterically at my sister doing the Pearl Drops commercial as Mr. Chinigan! Do you remember that commercial??

Sarah said...

I love these ideas! What a creative blog post!

Here in North Carolina we would call your blog "Who-wudda-thunk-it!" You're right that God's timing is not always our own... I'm so glad He's in control!

-Sarah from Create Studio