Family Friday

My favorite photo from the week. What a funny kid!
Hershey Park is a walking/biking path that goes through the city. There are so many trees and it goes along a river so it feels very secluded even though you encounter an occasional overpass where the highway goes right above you. After a month of making plans and then having to cancel for sick kids and family emergencies and exhaustion from all the preceding, my friend Ashley and I finally made it!! It worked out perfectly, the day was beautiful, not to hot, not to humid, a rarity in Houston as I understand.

Mikey, who never met a stranger, befriended this lady walking on the path. He struck up a conversation and they walked together for about ten or fifteen minutes.

All along the path are little areas where you can stop and eat, take a rest or just play. Here the boys (she has four boys, plus my two, and of course Haley couldn't be left out, so she had her fun too!) found a great place to climb up and jump off. So we spent a good half an hour climbing up and jumping off.
I was very surprised when Jeremiah decided he wanted to jump too! Usually no amount of coaxing can get him to try something so "dangerous." But being around all those boys is good for him, he didn't need any coaxing and got right to it. I was proud of him!

Haley carried her baby ALL DAY long. And took very good care of her, every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of her rocking and singing, or swaddling with the blanket. I just crack up when she does things like this, on one hand so very girly with the baby. On the other hand, running and jumping and playing in the dirt with all the boys.

Ella was content to sit in her seat and enjoy the ride. She was just as content to get out and walk a little when we came to a nice shady bridge. Maybe it had to do with the cheese and peanut butter crackers I was dealing her all day? Here she is playing peek-a-boo, which is also one of her newest words. She learned it from Jeremiah who loves to play with her.

Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!


Carrie said...

Arrrrrrrrrgh me matey! How adorable!

Mrs. Tracy said...

I will be glad when it gets warm and stays warm ;o} I'm ready to be outside!
Love that pirate pic...