Recycled mailers

There is a lot about the "green" movement that I can't get into, and a lot of people behind the movement that I can't support. BUT, Genesis clearly tells us we are to be stewards of the Earth that God created for us. This is a whole different thought process than what is currently being promoted as "green." Here is a great article, she put into words exactly what I have been thinking, and makes some great points.

That being said, here are some "green" projects! (And frugal too!) I saw this on a blog somewhere, but can't find the link. I would be more than grateful to give credit where credit is due, so if you know it or it is yours, please let me in on it!

You will need:
Junk mail/bill envelopes

Every bill we get has two envelopes, one that it comes in and a return envelope. If you use an envelope opener to unseal the edges and then flip it inside out and refold it, you can use it again! I used modge podge to seal the edges, but elmers would work fine. This would be great for teaching kids how to use glue judiciously. (Some of them don't have pre-printed stuff all over them, so you wouldn't even have to flip it inside out, you could just reuse it.)

Next up: Kid's artwork bubble wrap mailers, or magazine collage mailers. This idea came from here.

You will need:
Bubble wrap
old magazines or kids artwork (We did it with magazines, but in the future will do it with the kids artwork)
modge podge/elmers/double sided tape
clear packing tape

Cut your bubble wrap to the size you need for the contents of your package. Smear modge podge on the smooth side of the wrap and cover with magazine clippings. LET IT DRY!

Fold into a pocket shape, leaving enough for a flap to cover the top and seal the edges with tape. Fold the flap over, like an envelope and seal the edges again with tape.

Sign, seal, deliver!


Carrie said...

Neat idea! I need to get some bubble wrap & mod podge!!

Personally, I think the whole "green" movement is a clever marketing ploy to make people feel good about what they're buying.

I am a steward of the Earth, but I do not worship it. We can respect our world, but everything has an impact on our world--EVERYTHING!

To think that we can solve what is happening on a planetary basis is foolish and egotistical.

By the way, how exactly do we know what is going to happen to the Earth in a million years when you can't tell me what the weather is going to be like next month with any certainty?

[Exiting Soapbox Now]

The Keevy Family said...

This is so great!
I've got to try that with my kids! What a great opportunity to use two of my favorite things in the same sitting: mod podge and double sided sticky tape! :)
You are amazing, has anyone told you that yet today??

Jenny said...

Ok...we'll be watching for our package. ;)