Family Friday...late again!

This is our beautiful niece, playing around at Mikey's birthday party. I didn't take very many pictures of his party, and none of them turned out very good, so this will probably be his only memory of it! My how things have changed in six years. First birthday, only child, spend tons of money, and invite tons of people, take more pictures than you can count, scrap book all of them within the week. Sixth birthday and three more kids later, spend as little as possible and invite as few as possible, shop for present the day before, take a couple of pictures, if you remember, and don't download them from the camera until you need something to blog about.

These are not from his party, but from a local park. It was a good park with lots of shade. I learned several good lessons at this park. A) Little black ants in Houston bite babies, especially cute little baby girls, and you have to pick them out of clothing and skin. B) If you live in Houston NEVER leave the house without water, even if it is just a jaunt to the park, because 80 degrees feels like 800 degrees here. C) Kids can figure out how to play together even if they don't speak the same language, they may even teach each other how to play squirrel hunting games and chase squirrels all over the park. And D)Squirrels are really fast.

Jeremiah has got the hang of this big brother thing already, little sisters love rocks in their hair, so why shouldn't he be the one to oblige?

Haley is a collector. She always finds stuff she wants to take home, sticks, stones, caterpillars, it is hard to say no sometimes, because she gets attached to such things rather quickly, naming them and everything. But then I think of the inside of our van, which couldn't possibly hold one more thing without busting at the seams, and of my husband who rolls his eyes every time he gets in said van, and it is suddenly easier to make her put it back where she found it.


ness said...

I am so envious of your 80 degree weather. I woke up to snow this morning:(

joyfuliving said...

ants? eww...

you think even in dallas?! ;)