Basic Smoothie Recipe

We have smoothies with breakfast at least twice a week around here. I always use the same recipe and just switch up the fruit. Very easy, and we all love them. This recipe makes 5 cups of smoothie which is exactly enough for us.

1 cup milk
1 cup yogurt (I use vanilla or plain)
1 cup fruit
2 cups ice (which is one tray full)
your choice of sweetener, to taste (we use honey or sugar, if you use plain yogurt you will need more sweetener)

Blend it all together!

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Becca Nelson said...

If you subsitute half the yogurt with silken tofu, you will only have to use a fraction of the sweetener bacause it doesnt have the slight sour flavor the yogurt does. Also, the smoothie will contain half the amount of fat...it will also be creamier. ( tofu can be purchased at small asian markets for like 30 cents a block)

I do the same thing when I make cheese-cakes, half cream cheese, half tofu.
I know I know, you're probobly going "eeww tofu" but you can't knock it till you try it:)