Long overdue...

GingerLouise tagged me, way back in November. She makes the cutest skirts, and then gives them away! Very generous.

Here are my 6 random things:
1. I can't bake cookies, I mess them up every time.
2. The hair in the back of my head is super wavy, the rest of it is straight.
3. I want to arrange marriages for all my kids.
4. I get lost every time I leave the house by myself now that we are in Houston. Haley has started praying, on her own accord, that we will get where we are going!
5. I am the proud owner of an iPhone, and I really love it!
6. I am sitting next to a stack of papers about 2 feet tall that need to be taken care of...

Also back in November Oikology gave me this award, seriously undeserved. Creative is doing something new, I just copy everyone else. But I am thankful, and proud to display it!

Thanks a bunch to both of these bloggers for passing on the tag and the award. I appreciate them both. They both have great things going on their blogs, go check them out and leave some comments!

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