A few tidbits...

Some interesting things about December:

Miles we put on the van: 4,375
Days in the car: 10
Dollars spent on fast food: $654.14
Cheapest gas: $1.35
Dollars spent on gas: $1253.73
number of hotels: 4
number of relatives who were kind enough to let us explode all over their houses: 5

We saw a police standoff in someone's backyard at one point on our journey. My mom could hardly contain herself, wanting to know what was going on!

The second you cross the Texas border people start saying y'all. Both times, as soon as we crossed the border we stopped for dinner, and both times our waitresses were using y'all like it was going out of style. One of them even put it this way "Hope y'all have y'alls a real nice weekend!" Wow twice in one sentence, amazing!

I have also noticed that people really want it to be cold here in Houston, even though it isn't. I see girls wearing their heavy coats and Ug boots around, keep in mind, it is 75 degrees out! At night, when it gets into the 50's people really think it is cold! I know, the humidity makes it feel colder...I have heard it all. Some people are so desperate for cold that we saw them sledding, on cardboard boxes, down the side of a big dirt pile!

We were greeted outside our front door by a 3" cockroach the first day we came to our house! I had to ask one of the guys helping us if it was really a cockroach. They don't have those where I come from.

Glad it is over, glad to be getting settled and now that I have posted about all of this, I think I can put it behind me!


Denise said...

A 3 inch cockroach? How did you keep it together and go in the house? Im happy that your journey is over (it is over, right?)

Brandy's Adventure said...

I think those are called "Palmetto" (sp) bugs in the South. Clean people have them cause they are everywhere. Just words of wisdom- they do get in the house....I learned my lesson too well when I lived in the South.
Glad to hear you are getting settled in! It will take a while to get use to the change.

joyfuliving said...

oh boy! makes me giddy with excitement! (sense a little wee bit of sarcasm, do i?) *wink

Angie said...

Hey there, about the pictures in groups of four... I size them as small and when it asks about the layout (right, left, middle and none) I click on none. At this point you can arrange them manually. I hope this helps. It might be like the blind leading the blind. ha ha

You guys are sooo crazy! What an amazing adventure!

Melissa said...

Oh and don't forget, There are snakes, scorpions,trantulas, lizards and cowboys in Texas. ;) Keep your eyes out! You better start praticing ya'll. And if you order a coke, they will ask what kind, coke, sprite, Dr Pepper. If you need anymore tips, let me know. I see what I can remember! Oh but what until summer! The stars at night are big and bright! And look for lightning bugs this summer! I wish it was warm here!

Amber said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled in! Lucky you to be enjoying such wonderfully warm weather!